Big Blue Button audio setup


Make sure your flash player is up to date by going to and clicking Check now. Follow the instructions on this page to update to the latest version.

Plug in your microphone. Note, for the best performance and audio quality its best to have a headset.

Go to

Enter your name, password and choose the classroom your wish to join.

Then press the join button.

Once the classroom has loaded your will see a dialog box asking for access to your camera and microphone, click “Allow”.


To hide this dialog for future visits (this step is optional), right click (control button + mouse click on a mac) in the center of the classroom screen and select settings. Click on the picture of a screen with an eye on it (if not already selected). Now make sure “Allow” is selected and then tick the Remember box. Click “Close”.



Click on “Test or Change Microphone”


You will now see the screen below


Move the volume slider to just over half way and make sure the correct microphone is selected in the drop down menu, if you have a headset it will probably be the one that says “Microphone / Line in”.


Test that the microphone works by tapping on it with your finger. The sound bar will jump up into the red. If you don’t get any movement try a different option in the drop down menu. If you only get a little jump on the sound bar increase the record volume by moving the slider.


Now that we know you have the correct microphone, try speaking normally if you find the sound bar doesn’t move very much try increasing the record volume slider higher. Now press the “Close” button.

We are now back at the Audio settings screen again, press “Join audio” and begin your lesson.


Next time you join the classroom if you are using the same microphone as before you will not need to adjust this settings again.


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